Jazib Zaman

Jazib is the CEO & founder of TechAbout, WPArena.com and TechEngage.com

A professional WordPress Dev and advocate of all things WordPress, Jazib runs WPArena.com, WPDesigner β€” an award-winning WordPress blog focused on WordPress guides and tutorials. Helping start-ups and developing new products on a WordPress platform, providing consultation about anything, and to anybody for WordPress. He loves to write about WordPress products, plugins, and themes like WordPress HostingΒ and WordPress Coupons.

Apart from WordPress Arena, Jazib is a keen traveler and knowledge seeker. He loves to hang-out with friends and a voracious reader. He is often busy convincing Tech Houses like Google and Universities that the next world has taken over the social lives and we should found a model to tackle this issue in the near future.


  1. Adsert.com
  2. LegalBench
  3. Medic.pk
  4. BlogReach
  5. Corner.pk
  6. WPFeed.com
  7. WPDesigner
  8. WPArena
  9. TechEngage
  10. ThemeBounce
  11. EmployPost
  12. WPCouponCode
  13. BFWPDeals
  14. Health Arena

And many more…