JR Tashjian

Follower of Christ. Continually seeking challenges and solving problems through code. Creator of indiexperts.com, curatewp.com, and getwithgutenberg.com. Full Stack Web Developer and Freelancer. Previously: 10up, Automattic, and PacketTide.

My name is JR Tashjian. I am 30 years old and live in Ballston Lake, NY, USA as a programmer. I write code for the web and the servers that run it.

I’m currently self-employed as a Full Stack Web Developer. Previously I worked at Automattic, creator’s of WordPress.com along with many other products focused on WordPress, then at 10up as a Web Engineer. Prior to that I worked at Packet Tide where I helped develop products for ExpressionEngine: Safe Harbor, Polls, and Transcribe. Building web based products is what I do.

I started programming around the age of 11 first doing HTML/CSS and JavaScript, moving into Java shortly thereafter, and finally dabbling in PHP and MySQL. It wasn’t until 2008 that I landed my first job programming professionally. It’s been my passion ever since.