Mitchell Callahan

I'm all about Bitcoin, WordPress and travelling as much as I can, mis amigos.

I believe in the possibilities of a digital future fueled by the open source movement. I am the Co-Founder and CEO of SAU/CAL, a WP Engine Partner that specializes in WooCommerce Development. Earlier this year, SAU/CAL was voted the best WordPress agency by WP Mayor.

A certified WooExpert, I have worked on some of the biggest Woo sites on the internet. I run the Toronto WooCommerce meetup and am working to drive more Fortune 500’s onto Woo.

I was born in Yellowknife, home of the Northern Lights, and the capital city of the Northwest Territories in Canada’s arctic. As a child living in such a remote part of the world, I always believed my future lay in the universe just beyond my computer keyboard. I began building websites while still in elementary school and first showcased my work nationally at the age of 14 during a live broadcast of a Canadian television show.

I have travelled to 30+ countries and lived in India and South Korea. Besides WooCommerce and travel, I am fascinated by bitcoin and real estate.