Nirav Mehta

Entrepreneur Geek. Founder, Problem Solver, Down to Earth. Loves code, but focusing on marketing, scaling up and building multiple successful businesses. Has passed through big challenges and keeps punching higher than his weight! Store Apps, Icegram, Putler, WPMeta, Klawoo... Lives in Mumbai and happy to take you around if you are in the city.

I call myself an Entrepreneur Geek. I did my first business at the age of 14 and haven’t stopped after that. I keep making mistakes, but have learned a lot over the last many years.

I love solving business problems with simple technology. Web is my forte.

I realized marketing is more important than programming, and keep taking actions in that direction every now and then (but am easily drifted…)

I have had my share of success and limelight. My goal is building multiple successful businesses simultaneously.

My business include:

Store Apps (WooCommerce extensions),
Icegram (lead generation, call to actions plugin),
Putler (business analytics),
WPMeta (“forest view” of WordPress ecosystem),
Klawoo (email marketing for ecommerce) and
Apps Magnet (activeCollab extensions).

I have big ambitions, fall short on achieving them at most times, but persist at them. Something eventually works out!

I have passed through big challenges (including being thrown out of a company I started and ran for 12 years), and I keep punching higher than my weight (at least that’s what a friend tells me)!

I lives in Mumbai, India and will be happy to take you around when you are in the city. It can be chaotic, but can offer a rich experience.

If you love businesses, tech, travelling, adventures and lazing, we will hit a cord soon…