We would like to make all the websites in the world accessible to people with disabilities.

The first and only AI-Powered web accessibility solution that makes web accessibility simple, automatic, immediate and affordable. Allowing every business to meet ADA & WCAG 2.1 compliance in 48 hours, for only $490 per year. Our vision: By 2025, all the digital space in the world will be fully accessible to people with disabilities, without any exceptions. Our Technology: We created Be – a machine-learning robot that replaces a human to do the accessibility job, utilizing AI technologies. It’s always on and does it automatically – keeping the site accessible and compliant at any given time. We utilize 2 AI engines. First is called β€œContextual Understanding” which is our own development. The second is a collaboration between Clarifai, Google and us, for image and object recognition. Since we are utilizing AI, everything is automatic, takes minutes to deploy, and allows us to make accessibility affordable just like any other SaaS solution. On top of that, it works constantly, ensuring compliance 24/7. And, it provides complete freedom for the website owner to design and plan their website however they want, without constraints being pulled because of legislation. Visit our website to learn more: https://accessibe.com/ see less