Richard Tape

Rich is the WordPress developer for the University of British Columbia in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Originally from Manchester, England he moved to Canada in April 2013 and regards doing so as the best decision he's ever made. WordPress'ing professionally since 2008, he's serious about semantic, forward-thinking code and, of course, bacon.

Rich has helped organize WordCamps in England and Canada, run a contributor day, and helped put together a developer meet-up in Vancouver. He’s worked with the largest organization in Europe (the National Health Service) and now works for one of the biggest universities in the world (UBC).

He’s passionate about making developers lives easier. He’s written articles about workflows, given talks about deployment strategies and delivered workshops centred on how teams can work together more effectively.

He swears a lot. And hates writing in the third person.

Having been in the military for 7 years he’s incredibly anal about timekeeping and the shininess of his shoes. He can also iron a mean shirt. He also once held the record for 100- and 250-yard target shooting with an SA-80. Make of that what you will.

He loves cricket. For the uninitiated that’s the sport where 22 men run around in a field for 5-days and then nobody wins. Unless it’s England vs Australia when 22 men run around in a field for 3 days and then Australia wins.