Hello, I'm Tonya. I'm on a mission to help each WordPress developer grow, innovate, reduce inefficiencies, and prosper in this profession. I share my three decades of engineering experience at Know the Code.

My story begins with robots, high-tech industrial automation, and cool artificial intelligence systems. Then life throws me a curve ball. Flip the page. A new me. I’m on a mission to help you master web development and unlock your potential!

At Know the Code, I’m sharing my [gulp] 3 decades of engineering and software development experience with you. I want to empower you to be capable of building anything in code from scratch. I want to help you do more, build faster, reduce your costs, and increase your earning potential. It’s all about helping you to continually advance your career/business.

I blog about business, engineering, and life on my personal website. Want to know more about little ole me? Check out my about page as I share my 30-second elevator speech, attributes, manifesto, and more.

Cheers and <happy coding>.