Hello I’m Tonya. I’m on a mission to help developers be more awesome over at Know the Code. I help you to be able to build whatever you want in code.

I’ve been in the electrical and software engineering profession since the mid 1980s. Several decades of my experience is in building high tech, highly complex, and massive automated manufacturing systems. Yup, I used to build and program robotic, vision-guided, instrumentation, assembly, testing, and monitoring systems for the big manufacturers of the world. Our projects were $40-60+ million in range with hundreds of tech folks working on them.

In 2001 I started Leader, an Engineering consulting firm. Manufacturers hired my engineers and me to come solve their automation problems, help them streamline, simplify their systems, and train their personnel. I also moved into training apprentices and embedding them into companies.

When I left that industry, I found WordPress. I’m in awe of the community, how people roll up their sleeves and help one another.

I’m on a mission now to give back and share my [gulp] three decades of experience to help developers to really know the code. I want to help anyone who wants to be able to sit down and just write code from scratch. I teach clean, quality code, how to think about code, the essence of code, and more. Over the decades, I’ve seen a lot and share it with you.

Come join me over at Know the Code if you really want to just write code from scratch. Psst, I break it down in a way that you can adapt it for yourself.

Cheers and Happy Coding.