Vishal Kothari

Founder & CEO of Tyche Softwares - a reputed WooCommerce plugins provider that has carved a niche for itself via our Booking, Delivery Date & Abandon Cart plugins.

In 2009, I tried to build an ERP solution on the lines of WordPress – modular, based on plugins, etc. I wish I had entered WordPress in 2009.

But this failed attempt of building an ERP solution ended in 2011. And I started 2012 looking at building something for / with WordPress.

2012 was spent learning about WordPress, Actions, Filters. I also built our first plugin, Order Delivery Date and was working on side projects. 2 such gigs resulted in creation of the Booking & Appointment Plugin & the Abandoned Cart Plugin. Working on those plugins as a side gig was intentional, not a coincidence.

Fast forward to 2017 – Tyche Softwares is now a team of 12 people.

I firmly believe that each of our plugins are very niche & they serve a very specific purpose that helps in conversion rates, customer retention & post-purchase process.

After having served as the Chief Technology Officer of a US company from 2012 until January 2017, I am looking forward to scaling Tyche Softwares to new heights.

We have sponsored last 6 WordCamps held in India and we intend to continue doing that. I regularly speak at WordCamps when I get a chance.

My last talk at WordCamp Mumbai 2017 was on Importance Of Content Writing & Marketing for Plugin Developers received a great response – which has in turn forced me to accelerate my efforts in those areas for our own plugins.