Four questions with Andy Wilkerson, on his UpThemes purchase

I did an email based interview with Andy Wilkerson — owner of Parallelus and acquirer of UpThemes — to learn more about the decision to purchase the small theme shop. Here it is (I added links where it helps): Why did you want to buy it? There isn’t a single big reason, but a combination […]

UpThemes retires all old themes, sets clean slate for the future

UpThemes has retired all of their old themes, and released their first new theme. It’s part of an ongoing effort the better define who they are and what their goals are in their themes. According to my conversation with Chris Wallace, UpThemes founder, they didn’t want to support themes that didn’t follow the best practices […]

Say hello to UpThemes Hosting

UpThemes has entered the hosting arena! The hosting service includes access to a great selection of over 40 themes pre-installed and ready for activation. This includes their entire library, Aesop Interactive’s entire library, and a curated list of themes from

An open letter from UpThemes

I recently wrote an open letter to the WordPress community to apologize for our failures and announce our plans for the future.

Lift has sold UpThemes — their theme…

Lift has sold UpThemes — their theme side business — to Andy Wilkerson of Parallelus. I’ve always like UpThemes themes and they are in good hands with Andy. His latest theme, Caliber, is really nicely done.

Who is buying commercial WordPress themes?

Who is buying commercial WordPress themes?

To say the theme marketplace is undergoing a transition is probably an understatement. We’ve seen many shops sell or change focus over the past year. A few have maintained their place in the market or even grown some, but it’s not easy work. One theme shop that’s seen steady growth since launch is Theme Furnace. They’ve learned […]

Tip for getting buyers to take that next step

I found a tweet by UpThemes that caught my eye. In a test on their website, they found that ~90% of purchasers will tweet or share a theme in order to get a $15 discount. You never know what will make someone pull the trigger, and this seems like a fun test, especially if you […]

Chris Wallace

Currently Partner & Technology Director at Lift, a product design company with a slight WordPress addiction.

Weekend edition

Friday was a bit slow so I figured I’d wait for a weekend edition. We’re going to pack it all into one Note. Jetpack had two vulnerabilities: one in the contact form (technically explained by Sucuri) and one limited to specific hosting configurations. They also showed off their new plugin browser I mentioned last week. […]

Lift has acquired ChurchThemes and intend to enter the hosted church website market

Lift has acquired ChurchThemes and intend to enter the hosted church website market

ChurchThemes was started by Frankie Jarrett in 2011. Frankie is now the Head of WordPress Product at X-Team, makers of Stream — a product I reviewed a few months ago. Frankie also talked about Stream and ChurchThemes on the Matt Report recently. Today, Lift is announcing the acquisition of ChurchThemes. Lift is a consultancy and also owner of UpThemes, […]

Are WordPress themes a commodity?

Chris Wallace of UpThemes touches on niches and marketing in response to David Perel’s recent article on the state of the WordPress theme industry. If you want to be successful in the WordPress theme industry, you need to have a better strategy behind releasing themes other than, “Well, I noticed e-commerce themes were popular so […]

The state of the WordPress theme industry

The state of the WordPress theme industry

Editor’s Note: This story is republished from Medium, with author David Perel’s permission. David has a unique take on the industry and has some very poignant thoughts that I wanted to share with this audience. The times, they are changing. Having been in the WordPress Theme industry since 2009, I think I have a rare […]

ThemeForest theme nets over $100,000 per month, sadly

ThemeForest theme nets over $100,000 per month, sadly

The Envato blog highlighted a record breaking theme on their blog today, for achieving $100,000 in revenue per month, two months in a row. All in all, this theme, Avada, has achieved nearly a million dollars in revenue since its release last August. And it represents everything I hate about the theme landscape today. Few […]