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Post Status is the membership community for people who grow and sustain the WordPress economy.

Our goal is for all of us who make up the WordPress community to give and grow together. 

We're here for anyone seeking insight, analysis, guidance, and a community centered around the WordPress ecosystem. 

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Are you working with WordPress every day? Do you want to stay up-to-date with the WordPress ecosystem? Join Post Status today! You'll get access to our weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals and many points of contact for exploring deeper participation in our community.

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Are you working in business development, sales, marketing, or community management for a WordPress company? Do you need to build and develop great relationships in the WordPress ecosystem? Join Post Status today and get started!

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Scholarships available, email or better yet … ask your boss/company to sponsor you!

Agency Owners

Do you own and run a service-oriented WordPress business? Stay informed about the WordPress ecosystem and connect with the top professionals in it. Find the talent you need for your growing agency.

  • Unlimited Job Listings
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Product Founders

Do you own a WordPress product business? Stay connected to the WordPress ecosystem and build and develop great relationships with other founders to grow your business. Find the talent and support you need!

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Partner Membership

Post Status Partners share and support our mission of investing in the Open Web by growing the WordPress ecosystem. We support our partners by connecting them and promoting their work as they grow and give back.

Get growth-oriented guidance, networking opportunities, peer support, unique group experiences, and greater insight into the industry as a Post Status Partner.

  • Annual Memberships for up to 5 members of your team, every year.
  • Private Events – In-person and virtual members-only events throughout the year.
  • Exclusive Access – Private Slack channels.
  • Unlimited Job Listings β€” Post as many job listings as you want.
  • Events Calendar β€” We'll promote your events.
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Post Status Member Benefits

  • Engaging Community. Access to the Post Status members-only Slack community and Weekly Member Huddles to connect virtually and discuss challenges and opportunities.Β 
  • Grow Your Business or Career. Access to the Post Status Job Board, which links to our member and business directories. And our Get Hired project, which fosters an inclusive workforce and supportive workplaces.
  • Get the TL;DR β€” the WordPress News that Matters. The weekly Post Status newsletter provides insights, news, events, and opportunities in the WordPress community.
  • Discounts. Exclusive members-only offers from other members.
  • Support. Dedicated support to help connect you to other members with similar businesses or interests.
  • Networking and Growth Events. Post Status events provide members with a safe space to openly discuss challenges we face. We focus on offering guidance, connection, and support to grow your business.
  • Advocacy. Uniting our voices to guide the future of WordPress.


Post Status members GIVE each other guidance to grow their WordPress businesses. From Founders to Freelancers, Post Status is a place for like-minded people to share the rich diversity of their experiences and perspectives.

The Post Status community gives WordPress Professionals a space to talk about the challenges we face and how to overcome them. We give each other frameworks, analysis, insights, and perspectives to help each other reach our goals. We share from our own experiences and a place of curiosity. We desire to make WordPress a true community of growth.

Post Status can give you a sense of belonging and identity based in the values and goals we share. We're all WordPress business owners, so we understand the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.

Post Status is a place to GIVE to and share with one another.


Post Status members all want to grow their businesses. Growing businesses need support. The Post Status community gives you the support you need to grow β€” yourself and your business.

Need something done or figured out to help your business grow? Reach out and let us know. There are members who can help!

Post Status provides a safe place for communication, questions, and connection with others who work in WordPress. We want to help you grow your knowledge through each other. We also want to help you build your own community within Post Status.

Post Status wants to help you and your business GROW.


Thousands of heads are better than one. Together, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. That’s why Post Status wants to bring our professional community together. 

We help our members unite through our fast-growing Slack community, events, and personal introductions. Partnership deals and acquisitions? A lot of those start with Post Status! 

We succeed together by building each other up. Post Status brings people together to build better businesses and make the WordPress community exceptional. 


Contact our Support Desk if you need assistance.

Post Status offers several events throughout the year, both in-person and online. Some of our events are free to Business members and some have a cost associated with them. You can find a list of our current events here.

We try to keep the price for our events as low as possible, however we do charge a fee to help us recover the cost of the event, and to provide the best events for our Guests.

Post Status has slack channels both public and private groups. Our full list of Channels will be available in the navigation soon. If you cannot find a channel you are looking for please reach out to our help center. We will gladly help you find the right channel for you.

Yes, you do have to be a business member to post job listings.

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