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Since 2013, Post Status has been a one-of-a-kind member-supported community within and for the larger community of WordPress professionals.

We’re solopreneurs, agencies, small to mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises. We’re leaders and followers at all stages of our careers, from all walks of life.

Post Status is the water cooler for all of us β€” an entry point that welcomes newcomers and the underrepresented. It’s a place where friendships, mentoring relationships, and deals get made in the spirit of winning together.

Our goal is to guide, connect, and support the people and businesses who make up the WordPress community and sustain the Open Web, our rich common resource. From our very beginnings, we’ve built our offerings with professional WordPressers in mind. We’re here for anyone seeking insights, analysis, guidance, and a community centered around the WordPress ecosystem. 

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  • The Post Status Slack Community is a friendly, inclusive, and diverse members-only resource for WordPress professionals. This is our pledge.
  • Our Job Board is best employers and professionals in the WordPress space. 
  • The weekly Post Status Newsletter is a TL;DR for key insights, news, events, and opportunities in the WordPress community. 
  • Our Get Hired project aims to help foster an inclusive workforce and workplaces where people build each other up. 
  • The Post Status Open Web Manifesto expresses what we value and see as the common interests we share and wish to safeguard for everyone working in WordPress and the Open Web today.

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Our Mission

Post Status exists to help WordPress businesses and professionals grow in ways that expand, sustain, and protect the commons we share: the Open Web.

Our History

Post Status launched on January 21st, 2013. Initially, it was a link-sharing blog where we selected the best articles being published in the WordPress and larger web tech communities. Eventually, Post Status became a more typical blog with original content. On January 21st, 2015 β€” our two-year milestone β€” we launched the membership component: the Post Status Club. Next, David Bisset and then Dan Knauss joined the team.

In January 2020, Cory Miller joined Post Status as an equal partner with its founder, Brian Krogsgard.

In early 2021 Cory and Lindsey Miller became the sole owner and publisher of Post Status.

The Post Status Team

Together, we maintain Post Status as a unique community for the professional WordPress community. Part trade association, part meeting place, and a very social information exchange β€” it’s where we help each other give and grow together.

Cory Miller

Cory Miller is the Publisher and owner of Post Status. He has been involved in the WordPress community since 2006. Cory founded iThemes in 2008 and was its CEO for more than 10 years before transitioning the company through its acquisition to Liquid Web. Cory remains excited about the WordPress community and the many opportunities it preserves and constantly creates.

Lindsey Miller

Lindsey Miller is the CEO of Post Status. After spending a decade in politics and almost the same amount of time in the WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystem, Lindsey Miller created Content Journey. Her passion for making a difference in the world led her to create a business built around the success of others.

Her passion for the WordPress community has been a driving force in her life since 2010 and she is excited for the future of Post Status and our community.

In Lindsey’s off time, she loves to spend time with her family and friends. She takes pride in her volunteer service, serving with two boards, Free Mom Hugs and Let’s Fix This. She enjoys traveling and cooking. When she is alone you can find her with a book in her hand. She says her partner, β€œCorymiller,” and children, Caloway and Lillian, are collectively the funniest and sweetest human beings.

Michelle Frechette

Michelle Frechette is the Director of Community Engagement for StellarWP at Liquid Web.

In addition to her work at StellarWP, Michelle is the Podcast Barista at WPCoffeeTalk.com, cofounder of underrepresentedintech.com, creator of wpcareerpages.com, the president of the board for BigOrangeHeart.org, Director of Community Relations and contributor at PostStatus.com, author, business coach, and a frequent organizer and speaker at WordPress events. Michelle lives outside of Rochester, NY where she’s an avid nature photographer. You can learn more about Michelle at meetmichelle.online.

Adam Weeks

Adam Weeks is the Partnerships Connector at Post Status. He connects people to Post Status memberships, and he connects Post Status members to one another. Adam joined us from the world of education; he was a school principal and before that a teacher. Since his college days, Adam has always had a side hustle on the internet, and along the way, he learned to love WordPress as his go-to way of helping others share their stories.

Adam lives in California with his wonderful wife and three kids. He enjoys giving back to his community by serving as the Youth Pastor for his church. If you like to fly drones or want to know more about flying drones, Adam is your guy.

Olivia Bisset

Olivia Bisset is an Intern for Post Status. She is often working on editing a podcast or uploading a video to the Post Status YouTube Channel. When she is not working you can find her at a WordCamp, robotics competition, crafting, or watching a musical.

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