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My goal is to cater to people that know and love WordPress, so they can do what they do better and more informed.

Site history

Post Status launched January 21st, 2013. Initially, it was a link sharing blog where I linked to interesting articles around the WordPress and web community. Eventually, it transitioned to a more long form blog. on January 21st, 2015 — the website’s two year milestone — the membership component, called the Post Status Club, was launched.

The Post Status Club is geared toward professional WordPressers seeking news, insights, and community centered around the popular publishing platform. Hundreds of Club members get the daily-ish members only newsletter, engage with one another in a private Slack chat, and other features.

Post Status Team


Post Status is brought to you by a great team.

My name is Brian Krogsgard. I’m the creator and editor of Post Status. I’ve been using WordPress since 2008, build websites with WordPress for my career, and absolutely love the WordPress community.

Katie Richards is an Editorial Assistant for Post Status. She helps keep a tight ship, by performing a wide variety of administrative and editorial duties.

Joe Hoyle is my co-host of the Post Status Draft Podcast. Joe is a co-founder and CTO at Human Made and he brings a great deal of expertise to our WordPress podcast.

Japh Thomson is a Guest Editor for Post Status. Japh is a specialist at Human Made and he pinch-hits writing the daily Notes newsletter when Brian is on vacation or leave.

Together, we put out the world’s best content for WordPress professionals.

Post Status periodically has guest posts and user submitted stories. If you would like write for Post Status or submit a story you think we should cover, please get in touch.

You can also find @post_status on Twitter.