About Post Status

Post Status partners Cory Miller and Brian Krogsgard

Post Status is dedicated to informing WordPress professionals and enthusiasts about the industry.

Post Status provides top tier industry analysis. Our Slack Community is an excellent members-only community chat for WordPress professionals. We have a high quality WordPress job board, exclusive deals for our subscribers, and more. Learn more about these opportunities for you in the Post Status Club.

Our goal is to cater to people who know and love WordPress, so they can do what they do better and be more informed.

From the beginning, we've built our offerings with professional WordPressers in mind. We're here for anyone seeking news, insights, and community centered around the popular WordPress publishing platform. In every issue of our newsletter, we send subscribers the important news of the week, the latest job openings, special deals from our sponsors, and our own community analysis.

Site History

Post Status launched January 21st, 2013. Initially, it was a link sharing blog where we linked to interesting articles around the WordPress and web community. Eventually, it transitioned to a more typical blog. On January 21st, 2015 — our two year milestone — we launched the membership component: the Post Status Club.

In January, 2020, Cory Miller joined Post Status as an equal partner with Brian Krogsgard.

Post Status Team

Some great people form the team that brings you the best news and information available for WordPress professionals.

My name is Brian Krogsgard. I'm the creator and editor of Post Status. I've been using WordPress since 2008, often build websites with WordPress, run my primary business properties on WordPress websites, and absolutely love the WordPress community.

Cory Miller has been involved in the WordPress community since 2006. He founded iThemes in 2008. and was its CEO for more than 10 years before transitioning the company through its acquisition to Liquid Web. Cory remains excited about the WordPress community and the many opportunities it preserves and constantly creates.

David Bisset is a Curator for the Post Status newsletter. David has his ear to the ground for all things related to WordPress better than just about anyone today. He drafts up the best things he finds in the week to put alongside our other content and commentary for the newsletter.

Dan Knauss is an Editor and Writer for Post Status. He helps write and review everything that goes into the newsletter. He also authors material for the newsletter and the website.

Karen Johnson is our Community Manager. She orients new members, fields inquiries, handles social media outreach, wrangles scheduling for our guests and sponsors, and she does a lot of backend administration to keep the whole operation running smoothly.

Together, we put out the world's best content for WordPress professionals.

Write for Us

Periodically, we accept guest posts and user submitted stories. If you would like write for Post Status or submit a story you think we should include, please get in touch.

You can also find @post_status on Twitter.