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Post Status publishes four podcasts focused on news, analysis, community conversations, and career development for WordPress professionals β€” and we plan to add three more in 2022!


Post Status Comments is a place for WordPress professionals to exchange ideas and talk about recent topics and trends. It’s a way for our members to share experiences, analyses, and feelings that matter to the Post Status community and beyond. πŸ’¬

The Post Status Comments Podcast
Post Status Comments is a stage for WordPress professionals to exchange ideas and talk about recent topics and trends.
  • Post Status Comments (No. 12) β€” WordPress Lite
    What if there was a “lite” version of WordPress that was still WordPress β€” still customizable under the hood but tuned up for a great user experience for particular use cases? For example β€” could a lite version be used to allow an admin to literally build an online store in minutes from a mobile device? How about just a note taking app with cool open web features? What if, what if, what if…!!!
  • Post Status Comments (No. 11) β€” WordPress 19th Anniversary Meetup Celebration
    A 19th birthday celebration for #WordPress with Mary Job, Nathan Wrigley, Naoko Takano, Carrie Dils, David Yarde, Joe Simpson Jr., Pat Ramsey, John Jacoby, Yvette Sonneveld, and Taco Verdo.


Hosted by Post Status Publisher Cory Miller, the Post Status Draft podcast is geared toward WordPress professionals, with interviews, news, and deep analysis. πŸ“

The Post Status Draft Podcast
The Post Status Draft podcast features interviews with WordPress professionals and other people making a living on the web.
  • Launching a WordPress Product in Public: Session 30
    Transcript ↓ In this podcast episode,Corey Maass and Cory Miller brainstorm marketing strategies for their upcoming WordPress product launch. They discuss the importance of creating engaging social media content, reaching out to potential customers, and leveraging partnerships with influencers. They also consider writing articles comparing their product with competitors to increase search traffic. Corey and … Read more
  • Michelle Frechette and Matt Medeiros on How to be a Good Podcast Guest
    Transcript ↓ In this podcast episode, Michelle Frechette and Matt Medeiros discuss the importance of being a good podcast guest. They emphasize the need for high-quality audio, preparation, and engaging conversation. They advise against using built-in microphones or AirPods and suggest investing in a good microphone. They also stress the importance of avoiding sales pitches … Read more


Post Status Excerpt is your go-to place for weekly conversations covering the WordPress news and topics that we’re most engaged with in the WordPress community.

The Post Status Excerpt podcast is a weekly WordPress news and interview show hosted by Dan Knauss with Nyasha Green.
  • How to Make the Most of Sponsoring WordCamps
    In this panel discussion, Michelle Frechette poses questions asked by the Post Status community about the benefits and how-to’s of sponsoring WordCamps. On the panel are Taco Verdonschot (Yoast), Katie Keith (Barn2), Drew Griswold (StellarWP), and Lincoln Islam (WPFunnels). Transcript ↓ Episode Highlights: Mentioned in the show: You can follow Post Status and our guests … Read more
  • An Interview with Patrick Posner: WCEU and More
    In this episode, Michelle Frechette, Director of Community Relations at Post Status, talks with Patrick Posner, Founder and Developer at Simply Static, about the importance of being open and approachable, creating opportunities for others to join conversations, and making space for new connections. They discuss various strategies for networking, such as using tools like Calendly … Read more

Get Hired

Post Status’ Get Hired podcast is for anyone who wants to develop their new or existing career in WordPress. 🀝

The Post Status Get Hired Podcast
Post Status Get Hired is a place for new and existing WordPress professionals to learn how to start, develop, and advance a career in WordPress.
  • Marketing Jobs in WordPress with Terry Trout
    In this episode of Get Hired, Michelle Frechette speaks with Terry Trout from Nexcess about what she looks for when hiring in marketing.
  • Get Involved
    In episode #5 of the Get Hired Podcast you’ll learn about networking opportunities like WordCamps, meetups, and teams.


Learn new skills and build your knowledge to enhance your career in WordPress! Post Status Upgrade is an ongoing series of live workshops centered around a skill or learning activity.

Join us in Post Status Upgrade workshops where we’ll learn together.

Browse past episodes from all our podcasts, and don’t forget to subscribe to them on your favorite players. Post Status’ Draft, Comments, Crossword, Get Hired, and Excerpt podcasts can be found on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Castro, Castos, YouTube, Stitcher,, Pocket Casts, and Simplecast. (RSS) 🎧

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