Post Status Comments (No. 12) — WordPress Lite

What if there was a “lite” version of WordPress that was still WordPress — still customizable under the hood but tuned up for a great user experience for particular use cases? For example — could a lite version be used to allow an admin to literally build an online store in minutes from a mobile device? How about just a note-taking app with cool open web features? What if, what if, what if…!!!

David Bisset, Bob Dunn, Jess Frick, and Eric Karkovack shared on Twitter Spaces what their own versions of WordPress Lite would do — what market or niche it would fit — and whether it’s practical for something like this to run on WordPress at all.

Why it matters: WordPress has had more and more competition in recent years for very simple applications and tasks like simple blogs, simple storefronts, and simple ways of selling access to subscribers for digital content. Conversations during this episode were occurring while the WordPress space was discussing competition and declining market share.

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