🎵 I asked the Post Status…

🎵 I asked the Post Status community this week what “pleasant and calming” music they enjoy having on in the background when they code or want to be productive and stay focused:

  • Cory Miller: “I have been listening to bilateral music for a couple of weeks now (even on Zoom meetings) and can’t live without it … this is the best I’ve found (by a clinician) and just finished buying out the store.”
  • Courtney Engle Robertson recommends Brain.fm and coffitivity.com to pretend that your home is a coffee shop.
  • Kim Coleman shared a “floating through space” playlist on Spotify.
  • Jon Bossenger: “Besides freeCodeCamp Radio, I stumbled across this on Spotify when looking for streaming background music and find it works very well for focus at work. For those of us who like working to music of the heavier variety, I recently was shared this 10-hour track on YouTube of progressive metal made by a game engine.”
  • Corey Maass shares a “Quantum Focus” channel on YouTube.
  • Doug Cone: “I love mynoise.net for the less musical background noise. You can also use it to block specific frequencies which is cool.”
  • Jason Coleman: “I’m a fan of this: ‘The Slow Rush in an Imaginary Place’ mix of Tame Impala.”
  • Matt Mullenweg suggested we check out Endel for “personalized environments that help you focus and relax.” 🧘