🏗️ Steve Benjamins from SiteBuilderReport shares…

🏗️ Steve Benjamins from SiteBuilderReport shares some trends and market share data from 2020 for web builders.

  • Market Share: Wix and Squarespace continue to be the market leaders, although their share of the market fell to 53% from 56% in 2019. 📉
  • While Wix has the highest total market share, Squarespace has the highest market share of the top 1 million websites. Impressively, 2.5% of Webflow websites are in the top 1 million.
  • Shopify has the largest app store, and in 2020 it grew faster (46%) than any other eCommerce builder. 📈

Steve’s definition of a website builder is a no-code, drag-and-drop tool with hosting baked into it. By that definition, “WordPress is not a website builder, it’s a CMS.”

With full-site editing in place as early as this June, WP.com and many managed WordPress hosts should fit the definition of a builder for many of its users — without being contained by it.

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