๐Ÿ“… Gary Pendergast posted the latest…

๐Ÿ“… Gary Pendergast posted the latest updateย for the WordPress 5.1 release schedule:

Beta 2: January 21, 2019
Beta 3: January 29, 2019
Release Candidate 1: February 7, 2019
Final Release: February 21, 2019

WordPress 5.1 is going toย start showing notices to administrators of sites that are running on very outdated versions of PHP. New fatal error detection and recovery features in 5.1 will help protect everyone who runs into the WSOD, which is turning into a much more helpful and less white screen for “mostly dead” sites. (There’s a handy link to the admin backend.)

WordPress 5.1 will also contain a new functionย that “returns a ‘human readable’ string appropriate for screen readers”ย for a duration of time given in hours, minutes, and seconds.

There’s even new styling for the admin table pagination links that makes them appear as standardย WordPress buttons.