📝 Some noteworthy items from the latest…

📝 Some noteworthy items from the latest weekly WordPress developer meeting:

  • WordPress 5.1 RC1 is already out with RC2 either “late this week or early next week.” The final version is on target for 2/21.
  • WordPress 5.1.1 will probably be released two weeks after 5.1 with 5.2 coming in “maybe late April.”
  • There is a proposal to shorten the release cycles for WordPress to a time-based schedule instead of feature-based releases. After some discussion, Josepha Haden suggested an official proposal should be posted on Make WordPress Core. Jonathan Desrosiers volunteered to help produce the first draft.
  • Discussion of features for 5.2 included Gutenberg performance and UX improvements, core widgets converted to blocks, PHP Fatal Recovery (WSOD), and Site Health Check.

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