📱Google’s AMP — Accelerate Mobile Pages…

📱Google‘s AMP — Accelerate Mobile Pages — has preoccupied web developers and their discussions for years. This controversial technology might be fading away now, ever so slightly.

Search Engine Land noted that AMP won’t be required for articles to show in the Top Stories carousel in search results any longer. After the “Google Page Experience Update” launches in May 2021, that requirement will quietly disappear. As Dwayne Lafleur notes:

“This effectively means that publishers will no longer be forced to use AMP and can instead provide fast, rich experiences on their own domains.”

Ethan Marcotte has some concerns:

“Deprioritizing AMP in favor of Core Web Vitals is a very good thing. But it’s worth noting that Google’s taken its proprietary document format, and swapped it out for a proprietary set of performance statistics that has even less external oversight.”

Google will continue to support AMP, and if you publish an AMP version of your content, Google Search will still link to that cache-optimized AMP version. 🧐

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