1.4 million WordPress.com custom domains have just gone fully SSL

WordPress.com makes up for a huge number of LetsEncrypt’s total SSL certificates. This morning, Automattic flipped the switch on enabling LetsEncrypt certificates for 1.4 custom domains on the platform.

They had already enabled SSL on all WordPress.com subdomains, but this is another step toward enabling secure connections for a huge part of the web. All the LetsEncrypt renewals will be automated, and the team worked out most of the issues in early testing from switching subdomains.

Automattic is also one of the listed major sponsors of LetsEncrypt, along with WP Beginner, SiteGround, and Sucuri from the WordPress space.

I’m really glad that Automattic has made the effort to enable their platform and it’s certainly a great test of everything LetsEncrypt is doing. It’s amazing how much a good API and free certificates has done in short order for a more secure web.

I don’t know if or when there will be a more official announcement about the switch, but I’ll link it up if they do one and it offers more insights to what they did.

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