2015 internet trends

Kleiner Perkins does a yearly internet trends report that I’ve enjoyed for a few years now. The 2015 report is out and it’s really interesting.

I learned quite a bit — it’s a whopping 197 slides — about trends in device usage, time spent online, and various other patterns relevant to the web. Two charts really stuck out though.

First, the time spent online. It’s fascinating how mobile is really additive time to desktop, which hasn’t changed much. Basically, we’re spending more time online in general, and the “new” time is mobile.


Next, I was pleasantly surprised to see that eCommerce sales now make up almost 10% of all retail sales, and total more than $300 billion in the US alone.


I really enjoyed digging through the entire report, available as slides or a PDF from their website.

From a potential growth standpoint, I think it’s safe to say we’re in a good industry for the foreseeable future.

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