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2022 Web Almanac CMS Report

According to the CMS chapter of the just-released 2022 Web Almanac from the HTTP Archive, sites using a CMS — and WordPress — are still steadily increasing globally, and 34% of all the sites with an identifiable CMS were using a page builder.

WordPress comes in at the bottom of the pack, however, when it comes to non-mobile device performance as measured by Core Web Vitals. For mobile, only Adobe Experience Manager performed worse — and by quite a margin. In terms of Lighthouse performance scores, WordPress was on par with its peers.

Top 3 countries with the most WordPress sites with passing CWV scores:

  1. Japan
  2. Canada
  3. Germany (a very close 3rd)

The average number of plugins used on WordPress sites remained the same as last year: 24. If you’re interested in image formats, page weight, fonts, CSS, and other resources impacting performance broken down by CMS, there are a lot of details about that in this report.

One unfortunate limitation of the data is that the more highly visited a site is, the less likely there is to be an identifiable CMS.

Previously in Post Status we’ve noted the 2020 Web Markup chapter and the 2019 debut of the Web Almanac. Here’s the 2021 edition.