A review of WP Rocket

A number of Post Status members have talked in Slack about WP Rocket, discussing whether it was a worthwhile caching solution.

Steven Gliebe tested it for his new Pro Plugin Directory project. He shows the graphs and summarizes like this:

Time is money and I feel that compared to how much time I spent configuring W3 Total Cache on other sites, the cost of WP Rocket is justified. I don’t doubt that other caching plugins for WordPress can achieve similar results, but I am not sure ifΒ they can do it with as little effort on my part as I just experienced with WP Rocket.Β It’s also nice to know that technical support is available, something I am not confident about with the free caching plugins.

That’s a good point. If your host doesn’t offer caching catered to their platform, WP Rocket probably is a great set it and forget it option, especially if you enable minification and concatenation.

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