Adii Pienaar raises half a million for Receiptful from Matt Mullenweg, Collis Ta’eed, and more

WooThemes co-founder Adii Pienaar  — who sold his shares in late 2013 — has raised half a million dollars for Receiptful, his newish eCommerce receipt sending SaaS.

Adii boasts 2,500 active subscribers (of 5,000 signups) for Receiptful. More interesting to WordPress-minded folks are his investors, which include Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg and Envato CEO Collis Ta’eed.

Adii has twenty one angel investors — in addition to personal investment — for Receiptful. Many of the other investors are well-known to folks who pay attention to tech news and software.

I’m intrigued by Receiptful, which offers receipt upsells and analytics as its primary features. Talking to some folks with more knowledge of the product than I have, there’s not much about it that a developer can’t do with minimal coding knowledge, but it is enticing for your average store owner.

He started Receiptful with just a WooCommerce integration, which is interesting, considering both Adii and WooThemes’ other two co-founders compared his exit in 2013 to a divorce. Receiptful now has additional integrations with Shopify, Easy Digital Downloads, and Magento, with more on the way.

Adii is a serial entrepreneur, and he’s always moved quickly with his businesses. In addition to Receiptful, readers may recall that he’s got a new 30% stake in Obox as well as an advisory role in the company.

Thus far, he’s been able to establish his bonafides to the outside world by his co-founding of WooThemes. He needs a “second hit” with Receiptful, especially after a rocky run with Public Beta, his first post-Woo adventure that cost him six figures and was ultimately a failure.

I’m sure the money in this angel round will help him expand his product offering and go after new users. I look forward to learning more in the months to come from Adii how his journey with venture-backed Receiptful differs from his WooThemes experience.

Hat tip to VentureBurn for the initial news.

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