As the WordPress 5.5 release date…

As the WordPress 5.5 release date (August 11) approaches, more news about it has emerged.

Justin Ahinon lists nineteen miscellaneous developer-focused changes to themes, taxonomy, comments, and more. Some of these changes may have escaped your attention, like the way updating a plugin or theme by uploading a ZIP file works. 🏗️

Jonathan Desrosiers noted in the comments that a separate post will be coming out to explain changes to wp_cache_get_multiple().

Developers should also check up on the changes to WordPress React components in addition to this update about Opcode Cache invalidation.

The proposed Block Directory, another new feature coming in WordPress 5.5, has had its guidelines revised. Of note: “This set of guidelines would not apply to general plugins that happen to include blocks — plugins in the main plugin directory need only follow the standard plugin guidelines.”

Finally, there’s a brief mention of some new block tools: Custom Line Heights and Custom Units. 📏

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