As we move forward in 2018…

As we move forward in 2018 with Gutenberg‘s release looming closer, more is being written about its possible impact, the currently foreseen problems it may solve, the potential problems it will create, and so on. Here are a few recent contributions from the WordPress community that I’ve been thinking over.

Bridget Willard expressed her concern about the economic impact of Gutenberg’s release before WordPress businesses are ready to adapt. “Businesses run on fiscal year budgets, not timelines for software releases,” Bridget cautions. If businesses had more time to prepare, she believes this would give “the economy that relies upon WordPress” the time it needs “to learn and accept” Gutenberg.

Chris Lema shares a recent personal take: “If I were talking about Gutenberg, I wouldnโ€™t talk about it as a new editor, at all… I would call this a mid-flight engine change.”

John Hawkins over at WebDevStudiosย has begun a series of posts toย explain how existing content, themes, and page builders will be affected by the Gutenberg editor. After seeing the demo at WordCamp US, John says he has felt a lot more confident about the future.

More Gutenberg reference sites are appearing, including the recent started by Mike McAlister. This is a great hub for the latest news, tutorials, and other Gutenberg resources.

Gutenberg officially hits version 2.0 with pasting improvements, a more polished publish flow, block API tweaks, and more. It’s quite an extensive update, and the postย explaining it at Make WordPress Core has a brief video with a walkthrough.

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