Automattic has published their year in…

Automattic has published their year in review, which gives a broad look at what happened with the company and the various brands in 2016. The page (which has a nice design, btw) covers Automattic’s corporate growth, diversity, and other points of interest. It then moves on to WooCommerce, Jetpack, WordPress VIP, and stats. Some insightful stats:

  • 115 new employees at Automattic in 2016, making the total 510 across 51 countries.
  • 595,795,035 posts written on with 457,596,906 comments.
  • 1,594,894 active stores using WooCommerce.
  • Nearly 120,000 WooCommerce tickets resolved.
  • 2,105,779 new Jetpack powered WordPress sites in 2016, which helped publicize 374 million posts to social networks.
  • 187 million VIP pageviews on election day (a record). I accounted for about 1 million of those on Five Thirty Eight.
  • 196 million total WordPress downloads in 2016 from

The Jetpack number is a fascinating count, as it’s a decent signal of WordPress broadly. I’m told the Jetpack count is based off of sites connected to I wonder how many Jetpack sites went offline in that same timeframe.

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