Automattic Invests in New Vector “One…

Automattic Invests in New Vector

“One thing WordPress and have in common is a strong, abiding belief in the open web, a rare thing in a world that is dangerously moving towards walled gardens” β€” and that's why Automattic is hiring a Integrations Engineer after investing $4.6M in's parent company, New Vector.

Matrix is an open decentralized communications standard used by New Vector's chat app, Riot. On their blog, the Matrix team describes where this partnership might lead:

β€œImagine if every WP site automatically came with its own Matrix room or community?Β  Imagine if all content in WP automatically was published into Matrix as well as the web? Imagine there was an excellent Matrix client available as a WordPress plugin for embedding realtime chat into your site?”

Natasha Lomas has a deep dive into this story at TechCrunch, noting Matt Mullenweg was an early supporter of Matrix via Patreon in 2017. They've been seeing their growth triple each year for the last two years. πŸ“ˆ

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