Awesome Motive announced it acquired Plugin…

Awesome Motive announced it acquired Plugin Rank this week. The SaaS app helps WordPress plugin developers track and improve their rankings in WordPress search results. 🔌

Syed Balkhi explained that his company was already engaged in plugin rank tracking of their own, “but the tool is way more powerful than what [Awesome Motive] had built internally.”

Iain Poulson tells the full story of Plugin Rank — from building it (with Laravel) to selling it within 12 months. He also shares why he sold it:

“I have numerous projects on the go, as well as my main work with Delicious Brains, [so] simplifying my life a little and reducing the amount of things I have to think about was a big win.”

Iain also runs WP Trends, and that site is not involved in the acquisition. 📈

Iain will not be joining Awesome Motive, but based on their past acquisitions and the experience they already have with their internal tool, it wouldn’t surprise me if Plugin Rank continues to live on for quite some time.

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