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BobWP’s Woo Snippet for the Week of March 27

WooCommerce 6.4 RC 1 📦 Blocks and Admin 🔌 Time to Retire ZeroClipboard ⚠️ Clients in a Candy Store 🍬 Sustainable Woo? 🪴 Zach Stepek, Carl Alexander, Till Krüss, and JJJ 🎙️

What's New in WooCommerce 6.4 RC1 + Blocks and Admin Feature Plugins 🔌

This week saw some updates from core and the release of WooCommerce 6.4 RC 1. We're still headed for an April 12th final release. WooCommerce Admin (3.3.0 RC 2) and WooCommerce Blocks (7.2.1) are both included in this release.

If you want to install it separately as a feature plugin, WooCommerce Blocks 7.3 is available now. The Mini Cart block has been added to it, and all instances of the “Legacy Block” have been renamed — it's now the “Classic Block.”

Time to Retire ZeroClipboard ⚠️

If you have bundled the ZeroClipboard library with plugins, themes, or other projects that still rely on it as a dependency, you will need to find another solution. 📋

ZeroClipboard is a JQuery plugin used to manage clipboard interactions, and it's being removed from WooCommerce because it uses obsolete, potentially insecure, Flash-based methods to do what all browsers can do natively now.

For many years now, it's been possible to do what ZeroClipBoard does without JQuery. Marcus Burnette has suggested a fine solution from Chris Coyier back in 2016 at CSS Tricks.

Like Clients in a Candy Store 🍬

For those who are starting to build sites in the Woo ecosystem, Eric Karkovack has some advice for selling clients on WooCommerce. It can be difficult, due to the wide array of features and add-ons. Eric offers his own experience and insights.

Woo and Sustainability 🪴

Have you given any thought to sustainable design for the web? Or how eCommerce sites using WooCommerce might have their own unique challenges? It’s probably not something most site builders are thinking about, or even most hosting companies.

Listening to Tom Greenwood from Wholegrain Digital will certainly open your eyes and make you more aware of the importance of sustainable websites, both now and in the future. Kathy Zant and Ronal Gijsel sat down to talk with Tom in the latest Do the Woo podcast episode.

Four Developers and a Microphone 🎙️

And last but not least, there is that nagging question — What happens when you get four developers together on a podcast? Well, it depends. If you want to truly dive into the depths of code and geek out, Zach Stepek, Carl Alexander, and Till Krüss had a lively conversation with John James Jacoby this week on Do the Woo too.

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