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Breaking into WordPress and Post Status Book Nook Picks

The Best Place to Break into WordPress

Talisha Lewallen from WP Connects asks, โ€œWhat is the best way to start and stay involved in the WordPress community?โ€ WordCamps and Meetups were mentioned a lot. But my favorite came from Ben Meredith who said: โ€œThe support forums are how I learned. It’s a great way to help and learn simultaneously.โ€

One of the beautiful aspects of open source is that by contributing and helping you can be known. Simply being helpful is huge. One of our first employees at iThemes started first as a customer who was extremely helpful answering forum questions (back in 2009) โ€ฆ and yes, heโ€™s still there.

# Book Nook Picks

Professional Pick: The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You by Julie Zhuo โ€” Member Justin Sainton mentioned this book and says he is โ€œhalfway through and it’s gold so far.โ€

Personal Pick: Returning to our theme on love from last week, member Steve Burge linked to โ€œHow to Loveโ€ by Thich Nhat Hanh and said he โ€œprobably dips into it every day and finds it useful every time.โ€