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Request for Comment on Comments

Previously we’ve mentioned Jeremy Felt‘s ideas for how WordPress comments should work. They’re really good, simple steps forward, and this is how we should be thinking about a core feature that ought to make WordPress shine.☀️

Now Chris Coyier has shared his comment wishlist for WordPress, and the top items are the following:

  • a logged-in user should own (or edit) their own comment,
  • there should be a “social auth for comments” so you don’t have to enter a name/email all the time,
  • an HTML tag whitelist,
  • previewable comments,
  • an overall better visual appearance,
  • and replies should show parent comment(s) by default.

I had my own recommendations for comments back in 2014. Last year I was on the hunt for a way to make live conversations well-integrated into WordPress. Think P2/O2 style setup but integrated into an existing site.

If anything, this kind of functionality has become more important to have while WordPress has drifted away from it as a former core competency. 💬

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