Change the Rhythm, Keep the Pulse…

Change the Rhythm, Keep the Pulse

Continuing the conversation about WordPress release cycles, Josepha Haden put forward some ideas for making releases easier.

Although the “roadmap for [2021] promised four major releases, as well as any follow-up minor releases,” there have been “flags … raised about how we can accomplish that.” Josepha believes “4 major releases is not a viable plan in 2021” based on current people resources. 🚩

Josepha shared what she sees as the main challenges, including contributor fatigue and burnout. 😫 There’s also this widely under-appreciated fact:

“Currently, only a small number of active contributors can do the administrative work required during a release, and they split that responsibility across releases for the year. The onboarding process for contributors with that skill set is lengthy, and the main mechanism we use to recruit and start training them (our in-person events) is not available.”

Frankly, I’m impressed the releases for WordPress were as big and frequent as they were in 2020, given the extra stress and roadblocks caused by the global pandemic. 😷

We might be seeing some adjustments now and throughout 2021. Personally, I don’t care too much about the timing as much as quality and predictability. Releases should be easier for everyone involved.

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