is a marketplace of developers… is a marketplace of developers who work on both outsourced and directly sourced projects. They recently announced that they are getting additional funding from (among other companies) Automattic. They are also forming a formal partnership with WooCommerce itself, I presume for when WooCommerce support needs to send customers to a developer for additional help.

I’ve successfully recommended several people to Codeable, and I like the way they setup their marketplace, where they limit who can provide services and keep a keen eye on how well they are rated after the fact.Β They are also good about charging pretty fairΒ prices to the end-clients.Β It does have downsides here and there for people providing the services (like a $10 fee every time you want to remove money from your account…) but overall it’s a really great service with a sea of awful competitors (eLance, etc).

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