CodeInWP recently wrapped up their 2017…

CodeInWP recently wrapped up their 2017 WordPress Hosting Survey, with 4700 responses. Some of the more interesting tidbits, at least to me:

GoDaddy was the most popular host, accounting for 15.3% of all responses, with the majority of them pleased with the host.
SiteGround is the company that’s the “most likely to be recommended,” based on CodeInWP’s scoring.
– There is definitely some confusion by many who claimed “WordPress” or “cPanel” was their “host” even though this survey wasn’t aimed at people who are new to WordPress or hosting in general.

Surveys are meant to be taken with a grain of salt, since everyone’s experience and needs are unique. Still it is interesting to see some hosts that traditionally have been outside of the “WordPress bubble” now becoming more popular.

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