Could being a “happy” developer depend…

Could being a “happy” developer depend on where you live? That’s the question that seems to arise from Honeypot‘s Developer Happiness Index, which Hélène Le Gascoin, Hayley Kuhl, and Emma Tracey break down for us. 😃

Overall, the Nordics are at the top of the index:

“when looking at average developer happiness per country, Nordic countries dominate the rankings: Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden all take a place in the top ten. Canada ranks joint 8th with Germany and is the only non-European [country] among the top [ten].”

Based on this analysis, developers with happy jobs tend to have stable leadership, high personal autonomy, and a sense of self-determination and achievement:

“Work-life balance is the most important predictor of developer career happiness… developers in Northern Europe are most satisfied with their work-life balance — they also work the shortest hours.”

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