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Video Picks

📺 Here are David’s video picks:

Podcast Picks

🎙️ Here are my podcast picks for this week:

  • Do the Woo: Jacob Arriola talks about the benefits and tradeoffs of headless WordPress and WooCommerce. He also explains where a Woo builder should seek guidance about headless. 🙃
  • The DE{CODE} podcast: Drew Baker, technical director of Webby award-nominated web agency Funkhaus talks about their experience deploying headless WordPress for clients with everything from WP GraphQL to Nuxt.
  • Chatting with accessibility leader Rian Rietveld: If you have a deep interest in accessibility, this is a can’t-miss interview with Rian Rietveld who works as an accessibility consultant and is a trainer for the online learning platform The A11Y Collective.
  • WPMRR Podcast: Nathan Hirsch talks about how he co-founded FreeUp — a solution platform that caters to businesses in need of skilled freelancers. He also discusses how referrals draw in new clients, screening for the best freelancers, and the challenges of remote work.

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