WooCommerce Update: Blocks 8.0, Checkout Block Payment Method Guide and Dummy Gateway, Licensing Solutions, Future of Payments, and Carl meets Bōggie

It’s WooCommerce Blocks 8.0, and Woo 6.7’s final release is close. • A new guide with a tool to help you integrate payment methods with the Checkout Block. • What’s your preferred software licensing solution? • The Future of Payments, with David Mainayar and Robert Windisch. • When Carl met Bōggie.

Latest Releases

This week, the newest version of WooCommerce Blocks 8.0.0 was released. There were three enhancements and a couple of bug fixes this time around. Prior to that, WooCommerce 6.7 RC was released, and July 12 is 6.7’s final release date.

Integrating payment methods with the Checkout Block

Developers should check out the new guide, Exposing Payment Options in the Checkout Block. It adds to the growing body of developer documentation covering the integration of payment methods with the new Cart and Checkout Blocks. You will find this guide really accessible since it is accompanied by a “dummy” payment gateway tool that allows you to place orders without paying.

Preferred software licensing solutions

James Kemp recently asked this question on Twitter:

There were a few comments that followed, but I was surprised that more people didn’t weigh in there. I have invited James and two of the commenters to come on Do the Woo next month and have a longer discussion around this topic.

The Future of Payments

This past week saw the release of the last two shows that we recorded for the Do the Woo podcast at WordCamp Europe. In the first one, David Mainayar and Robert Windisch have an impromptu discussion about the Future of Payments.

“We can beat Shopify without losing all the benefits of decentralization and WooCommerce and WordPress and open source.”

David Mainayar

That conversation was followed by another at the Pagely booth with Carl Alexander and Bōggie Yanishen. This was a fun one as we were literally dropping in on the two as they met each other for the first time.

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