DrupalCon Seattle 2019 took place this…

DrupalCon Seattle 2019 took place this past week. There is a quick roundup of the main highlights of the event and a video of Dries Buytaert‘s keynote. Dries focused his comments on contributor diversity in open source projects, which is a topic WordPress developers should find significant to them as well.

I highly recommend reading Dries’ thoughts on “The Privilege of Free Time in Open Source,” which was published shortly after his DrupalCon talk. Here’s a taste:

Open Source communities often incorrectly believe that everyone can contribute. Unfortunately, not everyone has equal amounts of free time to contribute… time inequality contributes to a lack of diversity in Open Source.

This problem has been brought up before in the WordPress space, but to hear it “from the top” of the Drupal community is heartening.

Jeff Geerling has a thoughtful post about some of Drupal’s recent successes and failures. Jeff’s post is another worthwhile read with a lot of clear parallels and relevance to WordPress.

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