During his WCUS talk on Saturday…

During his WCUS talk on Saturday morning, “Moving The Web Forward With WordPress,” Morten Rand-Hendriksen stressed that we must truly represent the people affected by WordPress — and because of its 32.5% market share, practically everyone using the web is affected. To effectively represent and embody the spirit of “democratized publishing” for such a large audience, the project leaders’ decision-making processes need to be clear.

To that end, Morten announced the WordPress Governance Project, an initiative that intends to explore these issues. Anyone can sign up via this Google form to participate in future meetings.

I recommend watching Morten’s entire talk because it sets the stage for this project. (It’s the first talk in the livestream and will soon be on WordPress.tv.) Additionally, there is a Torque video interview with Morten and Brian DeConinck where they share their thoughts and proposals regarding the basic success criteria for the WordPress Governance Project.

Also from Morten, this (for now) free WordPress 5 Essential Training course is helpful for sharing with clients, people in your meetup group, or anyone who is looking at the new release for the first time.

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