Elementor announced earlier this month that…

Elementor announced earlier this month that they are increasing the price for their upper-tier subscriptions.Β  The 1,000 site plan will go up from $199/year to $999/year on March 9th, 2021.

These changes are only for new customers; existing subscribers to the Pro plan will not be affected. Personal and Plus plans are not changing in terms of price and service.

Joe Casabona responded to Elementor’s announcement β€” and negative reactions to it β€” in a blog post. Joe says to do the math β€” “If you need a plan that allows for 100, or 1,000 websites, the pricing should work for you, because you should be making a TON of money.” πŸ’°

Does not wanting to pay for software hold many businesses back, or are price raises just the kind of thing that will always generate loud criticism?

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