Elijah Mills from Oxygen Builder shared…

Elijah Mills from Oxygen Builder shared some stats from 2020 in our Post Status Slack:

  • 29 releases this year (including alpha, beta, and RC versions) with 8 final versions released.
  • Introduced 8 new features and 90 bug fixes, tweaks, or enhancements. ✨
  • Around 22,000 messages hit the support inbox! 62% were resolved in the first reply. The average handle time in Help Scout was 5 minutes. 92% had great ratings. 👍
  • Oxygen Builder’s Facebook group gained 7,838 members and had 21,992 posts with 172,479 new comments in total. 😯

Elijah’s takeaway from that Facebook stat:

“This year I learned that our Facebook group appears to be relieving a large portion of our support burden as our user base continues to grow. Most easy questions are asked there and solved in minutes rather than ending up in our inbox.”