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Expression Engine’s first major release as an open source CMS

Expression Engine 7 and 7.1 were recently released along with pricing changes for the Pro+ versions β€” the core product remains free. This marks a new phase in EE’s development as an open source project that has passed through several hands without seeing a lot of development until being taken over by Packet Tide, the current trademark holder. (Work on the 6.0 release was completed after the acquisition but substantially predated it.)

EE’s channel-based content architecture always made it appealing to marketing agencies and is worth a look from developers for that reason. The project is almost as old as WordPress, and its precursor, pMachine, predates WordPress, similar to b2. However, EE wasn’t open source until 2016 when founder Rick Ellis told Sarah Gooding at the WP Tavern, β€œOpen source has won. It’s not even a contest anymore.” EE was acquired by Packet Tide shortly after that.