Finding your place

If you read one thing today, I recommend you read Rarst’s story, Finding your place, on HeroPress.

In 2014 I started to take on WordPress work again. Less than I had before or could have. I became more careful in regards to what I could handle, enjoy, and sustain.

I spent a lot of time on code, but I also spent quite a bit on people. It was that quiet period that helped me figure out which connections meant most for me. Who always listens to me speak, and whom I enjoy listening to. Who reinforces me at my strongest, and who augmentsΒ me at my weakest.

This is the mode I am still in today. Will be tomorrow. Then… who knows? I am not confident about that, but neither am I afraid.

This is an excellent start to a text-driven, reimagined, HeroPress. Rarst is one of “my people.” He helped me in those same Hybrid forums he talks about, back when I knew very little. He was patient, thoughtful, and kind. It’s been a pleasure to know him these past 5 or so years.