FlipWP: A marketplace for acquisitions Alex…

FlipWP: A marketplace for acquisitions

Alex Denning and Iain Poulson have officially launched FlipWP, which is being labeled as a “new private acquisition marketplace for WordPress.” 💸

Iain, fresh from his sale of Plugin Rank to Awesome Motive, notes in an email sent out this week:

“Every week I was hearing about another acquisition, getting an email from someone looking to buy a plugin business, or emails from developers asking the best way to sell. The need for a WordPress specific acquisition marketplace became more and more apparent. The more I chatted to my friend Alex, from Ellipsis Marketing, the more and more we knew what we were going to build next.”

Alex also shares his take on why they started FlipWP on the site’s new blog.

Membership is $299/year, which gets you access to listings of WordPress businesses for sale. (Listings include information such as ARR, asking price, commentary, and owner/seller contact information.) Members get summaries emailed to them.

I’m excited to see how this progresses moving forward — the number of acquisitions in the past year in the WordPress space hasn’t been hard to count, but it’s the acquisitions involving small to mid-sized businesses (especially when the buyer isn’t a hosting company) that pique my interest.

Iain notes on Post Status Slack that “we got some deals lined up for the 28th of this month.”

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