WebDevStudios has released the wd_s Pattern…

WebDevStudios has released the wd_s Pattern Library 1.0. It contains:

  • 36 user interface patterns including accordions, carousels / sliders, effects, layout, media, navigtion, etc.
  • An auto-generated color swatches page, which watches the _color.scss for changes, and recompiles as needed.
  • A Typography page, which allows you to quickly test out typographical choices.
  • It looks like they want to expand on the features, but they are asking for testing first. If you’re a developer and like to try new frameworks and libraries, then it’s worth checking out. I tested wd_s recently during a moment of Personal Blog Redesign Desperation Syndrome and liked it. Alas, I didn’t finish the redesign in the hour I gave myself to satiate the desire.

    And speaking of WebDevStudios, they recently re-launched of the Skype Media site. Another nice site built with WordPress.

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