From homeless to boundless

I met Dan Griffiths in a beer joint in Phoenix, after a full day of PressNomics. Hearing his story for the first time made my jaw drop with surprise for how he got to where he is and admiration for his turnaround.

Dan went from a curious kid, to the marines, to a self-described “vagabond.”

Being a veteran, particularly of the Corps, is no picnic. I left the Corps with no real prospects, no money, and nowhere to go. For years, I drifted; living as a sort of vagabond, doing odd jobs as I could and sleeping wherever I found shelter. I applied to job after job, and consistently found myself being turned down for any of a number of reasons. […]

Finally, I turned to the one thing I knew… technology. Not having a permanent address meant I spent a long time working from libraries and cafe’s, but it worked. I had discovered WordPress in 2007, and decided to give web development a try. Finding work was hard with my limited resources, but my persistence was rewarded when I stumbled across Easy Digital Downloads.

Today, he’s a vibrant member of the community doing great work with Easy Digital Downloads and going after his own dreams with HostPress.

His story is yet another terrific HeroPress essay.


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