Gutenberg 4.6 is out with a…

Gutenberg 4.6 is out with a relatively shorter changelog than in the past. Mostly browser related fixes (for IE11, Edge, drag-and-drop functionality), an improvement for block preview styling, and various other tweaks and fixes. This “what’s new” update has been noted as the “final” one, so we are close.

WordPress 5.0 RC2 was also released.

Matt Mullenweg followed up on his statement about setting up “listening office hours” to discuss Gutenberg with anyone in the community. Matt also released a “WordPress 5.0/Gutenberg FAQ” on his blog that covers a few common questions. While Matt didn’t offer a release date, he did mention that a release in December is more common than one might think.

Jetpack 6.8 has been released with new blocks for Gutenberg, including a Simple Payments block, a simple form block, and a map block.

Joey Farruggio shows how he developed a custom post loop as a Gutenberg Block by building a reusable testimonial block.

WPCampus is organizing an accessibility audit of Gutenberg and asking for donations to cover the cost. The target fundraising goal is $30,000 which is “between the lowest and highest proposals” they received. (Right out of the gate, the campaign raised $3k, according to Rachel Cherry, director and lead organizer for WPCampus.) When the audit is complete the final report will be freely available to the public.

Justin Sainton points out that the Gutenberg project has had the estimated work effort of about 21 “person-years” according to

The Gutenberg Stats blog has reported there are over 1 million Gutenberg installs now, a figure I’m sure we’ll be hearing repeated at WordCamp US.

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