Gutenberg development continues to move at…

Gutenberg development continues to move at a fast clip. Here’s the most recent changelog.

Tammie Lister recently shared milestones that are “not set in stone” but roughly slate the merge proposal for the end of the year. That’s optimistic, but I like it.

Mel Choyce shared her thoughts about converting widgets in WordPress to Gutenberg blocks. She found that some widgets make this transition more difficult than others. Mel says “by tackling the hard widgets (and shortcodes!) now, we’ll establish all the key patterns and lead the way for other plugins and themes to convert their custom widgets into blocks.” I agree 100%.

Aaron Jorbin shared some use cases he would like to see addressed in Gutenberg. For example, he recommends allowing posts to be published only when other criteria have been met. The ability to remove, modify, or apply custom editorial rules to blocks would also be useful.

Gutenberg is a huge project and necessitates many related conversations, like the need to discuss licensing with React and how that fits with the GPL, the role of meta boxes in Gutenberg, the full effects on backward compatibility, and much more. However, I’m hopeful for an improved writing experience in WordPress, and I think everyone agrees on that much.

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