Hashim Warren, Senior Product Marketing Manager…

Hashim Warren, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Gatsby, thinks SEO will drive serverless website adoption in 2021:

“Marketers will discover that you have two options: pay a lot monthly and spend a lot of time speeding up your WordPress or Drupal site. Or you can adopt a new stack that’s less expensive, more resilient, and more performant.”

Hashim says the “shift is already happening” but predicts May 2021 will be the real trigger because “That’s when Google will update its website ranking algo to factor in a page’s Core Web Vitals.”

I’m sure many of us in the WordPress community will have different opinions about Hashim’s predictions, and 2021 is bound to have surprises for us. Yes, there’s growth in serverless, but I am skeptical there will be a huge rush to headless and serverless WordPress or alternatives to it.

Will SEO and marketing professionals converge with developers in seeing performance as a top priority that “their good-enough traditional CMS” can’t deliver any other way? There are a lot of assumptions behind that imagined scenario. 🀨

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