Helen Hou-Sandí to lead 4.7, and committers for 4.6 announced

Matt Mullenweg announced that he is not going to lead WordPress 4.7 anymore, “due to some unexpected constraints on my time this year.” Helen Hou-Sandí — a WordPress Lead Developer — will take the lead for 4.7. Her last tenure as release lead was WordPress 4.0.

In a separate post, Helen also announced committers for WordPress 4.6. Joe McGill and Peter Wilson are two new guest committers. Joe is the media component maintainer and has done a bunch of work on responsive images. Helen highlights Peter’s talent at being a closer, “chasing down tricky issues across a number of areas, especially as we’re approaching the finish line.”

Also, two guest committers have received permanent commit access: Ella Van Dorpe (who rocks the editor), and Weston Ruter (who is the customizer master) have both received well-earned permanent commit status.

Changes like these are on the cathedral side of WordPress, from the Cathedral and the Bazaar mindset. As a sidenote, I just want to say I think all of these changes are good for the project, and I’m also a bit proud that every single person mentioned (aside from Matt) is a Post Status member. 😄

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